Companies Represented

Avitronics represents a number of companies and products. Please read more about them below. The links will open in new windows.

Atis Systems GmbH - Germany
High-Tech Communications Interception and Voice recording systems for over 60 years.
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BAE Systems Integrated Defence Inc. - USA
BAE Systems manufactures Countermeasures Dispensing System for fixed wing and helicopter, computer-controlled self-defense system with enhanced capabilities for chaff, flare, and advanced decoy dispensing.
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Becker Flugfunkwerk GmbH - Germany
Becker Avionics manufactures well known avionics equipment for fixed wing aircraft and helicopters and ground based VHF and UHF radio systems.
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Diehl BGT Defence GmbH - Germany
The product portfolio of Diehl BGT Defence focuses on seeker-guided missiles, intelligent and conventional ammunition as well as training systems. Its experience gathered over decades in the development and production of missiles and ammunition makes Diehl BGT Defence an internationally renowned competence center in these technological areas. Furthermore, Diehl BGT Defence has established itself in the growth markets of reconnaissance and surveillance, protection and security with highly modern technological solutions.
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EuroAvionics GmbH & Co. KG - Germany
EuroAvionics is the leading manufacturer of task management and navigation systems for helicopters. Founded in 1994 by a professional helicopter pilot and engineer, the company evolved over a decade to what it is today - an advanced aerospace supplier with an international partner framework.
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ISEI - France
By monitoring routine flight data, the Helicopter organization can achieve greater insight into the flight operation AND maintenance operation and provides additional information to increasing your flight performance in every way while decreasing costs.

Compliant with IR-OPS* (OPS3), is a Helicopter Flight Data Monitoring system (HFDM), a Usage Monitoring System (UMS), a Helicopters Operation Monitoring Program (HOMP), and a Flight Operation Quality Assurance (FOQA) for FAA and EASA
Note: EASA requires FDM (UMS) for single light helicopter (depending of missions and areas of flight [OPS3 then IR-OPS]), and from October 2014 for twin light and medium helicopters also [IR-OPS issued in October 2012]
Tracking through Iridium network (optional). Fees do not change in regard to the number of people for the Operators who have an internet Server access
Helicopter attitude from existing AHRS (only data read and known by the Pilot are stored and monitored)
Fully automatic, once set up, it runs automatically from storage to alert
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OIP Sensor Systems - Belgium
OIP Sensor Systems specializes in design, development and manufacture of high-end
opto-electronic components and systems for security, defence and space applications, including NVG. Website: click here

Powersonix - USAPowersonix
Airborne public address systems from Power Sonix. Powerful, lightweight, compact and extremely clear loudspeakers.
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RHOTHETA Elektronik GmbH - GermanyRhotheta
RHOTHETA designs and produces reliable, high-precision direction finders for professional search-and-rescue organizations (SAR) both for ships and helicopters. RHOTETA also  produce DF-system for air traffic controll (ATC) and vessel traffic service (VTS).
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SAES Electronica Submarina - Spain
SAES is the only Spanish company specialized in submarine electronics and acoustics. SAES is worldwide leader in the ASW segment, involved in the new submarines and surface vessels new programs as well as in the modernization of MPA for Spanish navy and foreign navies. SAES most evolved ASW system includes remote operated detection systems and Integrated Tactical Acoustic System (ITAS).
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Spectrolab Inc. - USA
Spectrolab has become the world standard when it comes to high-intensity helicopter searchlights, like the SX-16 NightSun searchlights and SX-5 Starburst searchlights.
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SWESYSTEM AB - SwedenSwesystem
Swesystem offer in house design and development of Airborne Camera Systems. Fulfilling the demand of Flexible and High End systems, Swesystem today provides active Gyro Stabilization in all their products. With five-axis stabilization, Swesystem offer the latest technology to the customer.
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